How to Wear the Wedge Sneaker


Why Men Don’t Wear High Heels

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Yeah, I can clearly see why.

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As the years have gone by it seems that heels are getting higher and higher, strangling women’s feet into submission. High heels have become a modern form of foot binding, where women’s health and comfort is sacrificed at the alter of ‘looking good’. The worst part is that it isn’t just socially acceptable but actually encouraged. High heels are often on the uniform in workplaces, they’re ubiquitous in clubs and they’re even creeping into daytime wear. Stilettos are a plague, and they’re catching up to everyone.

There are completely reasonable reasons why women wear high heels: they do give extra height and serve to lengthen and slender the leg. But why do we opt for the most painful pair of heels possible when a slight wedge is often all that is needed to get a great effect. Just to illustrate what high heels are doing to us, here are a…

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These Boots, These Boots

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Every year, I anticipate the coming of autumn, not only for the chilling change in weather, but for that fateful, cold day that signals the greatest season a girl like me could as for: boot season. Boots are one of my favorite fashion accessories, and from October, through the holiday season, I wear them practically every day, switching off between different pairs. Any style of boot can be worn with jeans or leggings, and many of them look great with a dress or skirt.

Boots have been a staple in fashion for years and years from the lace-up boot sandals of the ancient Greeks to the hearty seal skin boots of the Inuit tribes of Alaska. Today, many boots are bought for their efficiency in inclement weather, like rain boots or snow boots. Many more, however, are bought for their style rather than efficiency (although I love to combine the…

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Oh my God…Fall shoes!

The Playful – Natalie Joos

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Love, love, love those colors.

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Natalie Joos has an incredible fun, fluffy and playful view on fashion. The New York based fashion consultant/casting director/blogger is rarely seen in ‘on trend’ looks or pieces, but instead, opts for colourful and pretty vintage pieces mixed back with a high end bag or pair of shoes. Her refreshing look makes her a high target for street style photographers and her effortless joyful vibe warms up any image in which she is in. There is something about her that reminds me of my best friend, and I would love to see her in some of these looks, but what I do really love about Natalie is her restrained sense of effort and ease of joy that comes through in her style. This is very hard to achieve and I love that she does so, so organically. Check her gorgeous blog out here.

Here are some of her looks from…

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Sexiest Shoes of 2012, according to Glomour

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I’ll take the Atwood boots in a size 8, please :)

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Below are the “Sexiest Shoes of 2012“, according to Glamour! Take a look and please let me know what YOU think about these?

Me, personally, NOT to say that these shoes are not sexy…BUT I have seen sexier shoes…especially this year!

1. The Christian Louboutin red studded patent leather pump.1015sexy-shoe_fa1.jpg

2. Stuart Weitzman‘s burgundy patent pumps with metal stiletto took second place.1015sexy-shoe_fa2.jpg

3. Jimmy Choo‘s black suede sandals with silver sequins came in third. 1015sexy-shoe_fa3.jpg

4. B Brian Atwood‘s suede over-the-knee boots with studs was picked as fourth sexiest shoes.1015sexy-shoe_fa4.jpg

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Street Style Inspiration

Breaking a Heel Has Never Been More Dangerous

Monte Carlo (2011)

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